How To Get To Sellia, Town of Sorcery In Elden Ring (2023)

Located on the shores of the Swamp of Aeonia, In Elden Ring, the Sellia Town of Sorcery is a location filled to the brim with sorcery-related items. You can find this area in the Swamp of Aeonia. It is easy to access this town, however, the challenge is leaving this place. It requires players to solve magical puzzles.

You will have to first get Sellia Secret and then drop down all three magical Braziers located in the town. For that, you have to light candles on each of the Brazier.

Once all this is done, the Site of Grace needed to exit the Sellia will reveal, and players can exit the town.

Read this guide to get the step by step on how to get all the items in Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

Sellia, Town of Sorcery locationin Elden Ring

The Swamp of Aeonia is found in the central part of Caelid. If you follow the shores of this swamp, you will end up in the Sellia, Town of Sorcery. There are several ways to get to this place.

The first one is through Limgrave. Once there, you need to travel to the region’s Northern Part, which will lead you directly into the Caelid. You can then travel to the Southern entrance of Sellia by taking the road South.


Alternatively, you can reach through the Swamp of Aeonia. Simply access the swamp through Caelid. Sellia, the Town of Sorcery will be on the Northeastern end after getting out.

The third and last way involvesjourneying through the Sellia Crystal Tunnel. Access the teleporter chest in the Limgrave’s Dragon-Burnt Ruins. Pass through the tunnel and exit it and then proceed North to reach the Sellia, Town of Sorcery.

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What to do at Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Elden Ring

Get Secret Chairs

The town of Sellia has magical seals that you need to break and get your hands on the secret items. These items are located inside the chest hidden behind these magical barriers.

To unlock these barriers, you first need to earn the item called Sellia Secret. For that, you need to begin theMillicent Questlineand talk to the Sage Gowry. He will then ask you to killCommander O’Neil.

Once this boss is defeated, you will earn Unalloyed Golden Needle. Take this needle to the Sage Gowry who will give you Sellia’s Secret. You will get all the detail on how to break open the Magical Seals.

Collect items from the streets

The town of Sellia has several items lying on the streets that you can gather without doing anything as a prerequisite.

You will findRedmane Paintingfrom the rubble between the buildings close to the South Entrance. Another item you will find isPoison Greases. For that, you need to make your way to the stairs located before the rock walls.

Seek out the abandoned house North of the Site of Grace. Defeat the dog inside to getRotten Stray Ashes. There is also aGoldenSeed that you can pick up from the tree located to the North of Sellia.

You can also find Poison Blooms on the roof of a house located on the edge of the Swamp of Aeonia.

Remember the tree where you got the Golden Seed. There is a building located right next to it on the South end. Once you have reached its balcony, you will findStaff of Loss.

Behind this building which has a tree with a scarab on it, defeating which will get you theDouble SlashAsh of War. The same building also hasSpelldrake Talisman +1inside a Treasure Chest.

If you travel to the center point of the Sellia, you will find a body on top of the house ledge. You will getToxic Mushroomfrom that body.

The last item you will find in Sellia is theStonesword Key. To get it, you need to make your way to the archway that links two buildings on the south end of the town. Once there, you can find it from the dead body.

This is it for all the items you can collect in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Elden Ring.

Light up the first Brazier

To light up the first Candle Tower, you need to make your way to the staircase located on the North end of the town. Once there, you need to jump onto the big branch on the right side.

The same branch will connect you to the ladder which will lead directly to the top of the first candle tower. Once there, you can light up the first Candle.

Light up the second Brazier

For the Second Candle Tower, you need to head back to the staircase located on the North end of Sellia. After that, head on to the Rot Bridge by heading South from the staircase landing.

Using the Rot Bridge, jump onto the building ahead and then to its roof. Once you are on top, travel ahead to the roof with the chimney and then to the roof with roots growing from the side.

On the South side, you will encounter Marionette Soldier whom you need to defeat. After that, you will encounter the second rot bridge which will lead directly to the tower with the second candle. Once there, you can light the Second Candle.

Light up the third Brazier

For the third candle tower, you don’t need to travel further since it is a stone’s throw away from the second one. From the vantage point of the second tower, you will be able to see the third tower.

Simply jump ahead between the two roofs and the third tower will be ahead. Use the ladder inside the tower to climb up top and light the final candle.

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All Seals are Shattered

Now that all three candles are lit up, you will have managed to break open all magic seals. Not only that but the boss arena located on the Northwest corner of the Sellia will also be unlocked.

Behind each seal, there is a treasure chest that has different items which you need to collect. If you travel to the West end of the town, you will come across the chest behind the first seal which will containSpelldrake Talisman +1.

Opening the chest behind the second seal will get youNight Comet Sorcery. Similarly, you will get anImbued Sword Keyfrom the chest behind the third seal. From the same building, you will also findCerulean Tear Scarabhelmet if you travel to the upper floor.

Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest Boss Fight

The boss arena is located behind the seal on the Northwestern edge of the town. Now that all the seals are removed, you can easily access it. Thecan be found and defeated here.

Both these bosses are fairly easy to defeat due to the low health pool. Nox Swordstress uses a sharp-edge whip that can attack players from range. Similarly, Nox Priest will mainly attack using magical spells.

After defeating the duo, you will be rewarded with Nox Flying Sword as well as 6,400 Runes. At the back of the room where you fought Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest, you will find a Treasure Chest which will containLucast’s Glintstone Staffwhich will enhance the FP cost of magical sorceries.

There is nothing else remaining once you defeated the Nox Swordstress & Nox Priest. You can then head to the Northern part of the town and exit the town after activating the Sellia Backstreets Site of Grace.

Also, you can continue theMilicent Questlineby heading to the Church of the Plague.


How To Get To Sellia, Town of Sorcery In Elden Ring? ›

To reach Sellia Town of Sorcery in Elden Ring, we'll need to travel all the way to the southeastern section of Caelid. Follow the main road, but be vigilant since there are numerous monsters along the way. As the road loops around, you should find a man, Gowry, in his shack (watch out for the Stray Dog Totem).

How do you get to the town of sorcery in Selia? ›

The Sellia, Town of Sorcery is found in eastern Caelid. Players can reach this location by following the Caelid Highway to the east and then heading north.

How do you get through the town of sorcery in Elden Ring? ›

Simply head down along the roots and rooftops, stopping for the Stonesword Key along the way, then climb the ladder to the third and final candle.

Where is the secret location in Sellias? ›

The Sellia Hideaway is found in North-East Caelid, near Sellia town proper. It is in the border Region of Caelid and Dragonbarrow but it is slightly into Dragonbarrow. The location of this secret cave is revealed by Note: Hidden Cave.

How do you trigger the Sorceress Sellen quest? ›

Sorceress Sellen's quest will only get started once you visit Mt. Gelmir north of Liurnia and the Altus Plateau. Head through the path underneath Volcano Manor, past the lava lake, and you'll eventually reach Hermit Village. Fight through the location shown on the map above and beat the Demi-Human Queen boss.

Where is Sellia, Town of Sorcery? ›

Sellia, Town of Sorcery is found on the shores of the Swamp of Aeonia, right in the bloody heart of Caelid. There are three ways that you're likely to come across Sellia during your travels: Travel into Caelid via the northern path in Limgrave.

How do you clear Sellia, Town of Sorcery? ›

There's a ladder you can climb directly up the tower, and if you're having difficulty you can summon Torrent to double jump your way across the rooftops. Climb up and Light Flame to remove the blue barrier blocking the passageway out to the Sellia Backstreets.

How do I get to Sellia Crystal Tunnel? ›

There are two ways to get to Sellia Crystal Tunnel: riding through the Swamp of Aeonia in Caelid and taking a teleporter trap chest in Agheel Lake, Limgrave.

What to do with Sellia's secret? ›

Light three flames atop the candle towers and break the seal. Sellia's Secret – Note Given by Sage Gowry detailing the secret he promised. Basically, this note tells you that to break the seal on the large gate in Sellia; you'll have to find three candle towers and light the candles on top of them.

How do you free Sorceress Sellen? ›

Upon reaching the ruins, all they'll need to do to reveal the hidden entrance is roll on the ground. Inside, there's a glowing note that was left by Seluvis. Next to it is a hidden wall that'll reveal Sorceress Sellen. Players should give her Sellen's Primal Glintstone to finally free her.

Where is Sellia sorcerer in Elden Ring? ›

Sorceress Sellen Location in Elden Ring

She is found standing near a treasure chest within the Waypoint Ruins in the central-east part of Limgrave. Players can reach her after defeating the Mad Pumpkin Head.

Where is the body of Sorceress Sellen? ›

After he is defeated, return to the Waypoint Ruins and Sellen will tell you to find her real body. Her body can be found in the Witchbane Ruins in the Weeping Peninsula. Inside you will find Sellen shackled to the wall. There you will remove her Primal Glintstone from her body.

How to save the girl with scarlet rot? ›

In order to cure Millicent from the Scarlet Rot players will need to speak to first speak to Gowry who will be at Gowry's Shack [Map Link], obtain the Unalloyed Gold Needle for him by defeating Commander O'Neil, located in the Swamp of Aeonia and he will repair it.

Which staff is best Elden Ring? ›

The Meteorite Staff is arguably the best early game staff in Elden Ring. Players can be transported to the Sellia Crystal Cave very early on via a trapped chest. After securing the Site of Grace in the tunnel, players can fast travel away and still have access to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel anytime they want.

Why can't i find Sorceress Sellen? ›

Where to Find Sorceress Sellen in the Waypoint Ruins. Sorceress Sellen can initially be found in Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave. You'll need to fight a Pumpkin Head boss to gain access to her room, found at the back of this small underground arena. Proceed through the door and introduce yourself to Sorceress Sellen.

How do I complete the Sellens quest? ›

Elden Ring Sellen quest summary
  1. Meet Sellen at the cellar in the Waypoint Ruins in Limgrave.
  2. Retrieve the Comet Azur sorcery from Primeval Sorcerer Azur in Mt. ...
  3. Talk to Sellen at Waypoint Ruins and get the key for the barrier.
  4. Find Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway in Caelid.
  5. Return to Waypoint Ruins and talk to Sellen.
Apr 6, 2023

What happens if you give Sorceress Sellen a scroll? ›

Royal House Scroll can be used to obtain Glintblade Phalanx and Carian Slicer. Players need to give the Scroll to Sorceress Sellen, in order to unlock those two Sorceries in her inventory.

How do I start the Millicent quest? ›

To begin Millicent's questline, you'll need to first speak with an old fellow named Gowry who hangs out in a shack in eastern Caelid along the road to Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Exhaust his dialogue regarding the Unalloyed Gold Needle he's seeking, then you'll be off to the nearby swaps to retrieve it.

Where is Sellia key? ›

Sellen asks you to find Master Lusat in the Sellia Hideaway next and gives you the key to unlock his hideyhole. This hidden spot is in Caelid, near the Church of the Plague. North of the church, past the octopus swamp, is a graveyard with a large tombstone guarded by a powerful sorcerer.

Why is Lusats staff good? ›

The Lusat's Glintstone Staff scales primarily with Strength and Intelligence and is a good Weapon for conjuring high sorcery damage. have glimpsed what lies beyond the wisdom of stone may wield it. Enhances power of all sorceries, but consumes additional FP.

What level should I be for Sellia Crystal Tunnel? ›

How to Beat the Sellia Crystal Tunnels Fallingstar Beast. Facing the Fallingstar Beast is no easy feat in Elden Ring, and it's suggested that you're Level 60+ before giving this fight a good go.

What is a glintstone miners weakness? ›

Glintstone Miner and other enemies similar to them are weak to fire damage. As a Miner enemy, it is also weak to strike damage due to their tough skin.

How many sealed doors are there in Sellia? ›

There are three blue sealed doors within Sellia, Town of Sorcery. Each is tied to a tower throughout the town with a brazier on top. If you scale a tower and light the fire on top, you'll unlock the matching door within the town, receiving the message: “A seal was broken in town somewhere”.

How do you unlock Sellia Evergol? ›

Head south at where you get the Dragonbarrow map to reach Sellia Evergaol. Alternatively, From Caelem Ruins, go due East and there will be a small ledge to jump over into Dragonbarrow a little north of the branch you would jump on to get to the abandoned cave. Jump over the ledge and then hug the ridgeline South.

How do you get Sellens seal breaker? ›

Where to find Sellian Sealbreaker in Elden Ring. Obtained during Sorceress Sellen's questline. After finding Comet Azur on the body of Primeval Sorcerer Azur, speak with Sellen to further her quest. She will have an additional dialogue option, 'I have a favor to ask' that will give the player the Sellian Sealbreaker.

Can you revive Sorceress Sellen? ›

Can you save Sellen in Elden Ring? You cannot save Sellen if you want to finish her questline and receive all the rewards. The only way to have things work out alright for her is to end her questline prematurely.

How do you unlock more spells in Sorceress Sellen? ›

Elden Ring adventurers can unlock more Spells from Sorceress Sellen by finding hidden Sorcery Scrolls within Limgrave and Liurnia of the Lakes.

What level should I be at Radahn? ›

You should be at least level 70 before fighting Radahn, ideally with a powerful weapon suited to your chosen build, such as the Moonveil Katana, or strong spells with good range, including Comet.

How do I get above Sellia Gateway? ›

You can access the upper portion of Sellia Gateway by moving south from the Church of the Plague. The gateway also serves as a bridge that connects you to the plateau where the Swamp Lookout Tower is located. A Bloodhound Knight is guarding the tower, so be careful.

Where is Jerren after killing Sellen? ›

Witch-Hunter Jerren Location in Elden Ring

Witch-Hunter Jerren can be found at church at Redmane Castle.

Why does Sellen turn into a ball? ›

Ranni will want to keep her mother, Queen Rennala, placed in the academy, and hearing the news about what Sellen has done might have upset her. Therefore, Ranni turned Sellen into a ball in response to her unforgivable actions.

Why is Sorceress Sellen locked up? ›

After Sellen is told that the Tarnished wants to learn sorcery under her guidance, she warns the game's protagonist that an apprentice should choose their master wisely. The sorceress then tells the Tarnished that she was exiled from the Academy of Raya Lucaria, which resulted in her confinement in the Witchbane Ruins.

Is there a boss in selia hideaway? ›

The Putrid Crystalian Trio of Sellia Hideaway is widely considered one of the most brutally demanding boss fights in Elden Ring, as Tarnished must face three Rot-inflicting Crystalians all at once.

Is Millicent Melania's daughter? ›

Elden Ring - Millicent Is The Daughter Of Malenia

Because buds are essentially offshoots of a greater plant, this suggests Millicent and her sisters are akin to budding flowers off of the plant that is the Scarlet Aeonia - that is Malenia. In turn, Millicent is essentially both a daughter and extension of Malenia.

Can you give Melania Scarlet Rot? ›

Malenia, Blade of Miquella Combat information

Can inflict Scarlet Rot in 2nd phase. Parriable: Yes. However, she can only be riposted on every 3rd parry, otherwise backsteps.

What is Millicent's weakness? ›

Like other NPC enemies, Millicent is vulnerable to jump attacks and can have her own attacks interrupted if you strike before she pulls them off.

Who is the most powerful NPC in Elden Ring? ›

Elden Ring: The 10 Strongest NPC Invaders
  • 8 Juno Hoslow, Knight Of Blood.
  • 7 Dungeater.
  • 6 Great Jar Warriors.
  • 5 Maleigh Marais.
  • 4 Anastasia Tarnished Eater.
  • 3 Tanith's Knight.
  • 2 Ensha.
  • 1 Inquisitor Ghiza.
Mar 31, 2023

Can you put Ash of War on a staff? ›

Unlike many staffs found littered in the world, you can also apply an Ash of War to the staff, lending it some versatility. Furthermore, it requires Smithing Stones to upgrade which are much more commonplace in the early stages of the game.

Who is the strongest playable character in Elden Ring? ›

Maliketh is the most powerful character in Elden Ring who is not a demi-god. This beast-like creature is the Shadow to Queen Marika, essentially acting as the demi-god's enforcer. What truly makes Maliketh a formidable foe is his sword, which wields the power of Destined Death.

How do I get to the top of the SELIA Gateway? ›

You can access the upper portion of Sellia Gateway by moving south from the Church of the Plague. The gateway also serves as a bridge that connects you to the plateau where the Swamp Lookout Tower is located. A Bloodhound Knight is guarding the tower, so be careful. There is the Eternal Darkness sorcery inside as well.

What is the secret of the town of Selia? ›

Sellia's Secret clue

The Sellia's Secret quest in Elden Ring entails lighting the three flames in the nearby towers. My suggestion is to enter Sellia Town of Sorcery and gallop all the way to the back. There are steps that lead to an archway that's sealed by magic, though you'll also find a Golden Seed.

How do I get to the Selia Crystal Cave? ›

Sellia Crystal Tunnel is a Location in Elden Ring. The Sellia Crystal Tunnel is found in Caelid. You can reach this location (and by extension Caelid) early by opening the chest [Elden Ring Map Link] in Dragon-Burnt Ruins. It will envelop you in smoke and transport you to the mine.

How do I get back from the Selia Crystal Tunnel? ›

So, how do you get out of the Sellia Crystal Tunnel? Truth be told, getting out is way easier than it might seem; all you need to do is know the path. Start from a sneaking position and walk out of the little hut, turn right and hug the right wall until you are directly behind it.

How do you get to the upper part of Altus tunnel? ›

How to Get to Altus Tunnel. Relatively central in the Altus Plateau, head south from the Minor Erdtree, and tucked in the alcove along the cliff face is the entrance to this mine. Head inside and ride the lift at the end of the tunnel down, and you'll arrive at a Site of Grace.

How do you get to the upper level of Altus tunnel? ›

You can find the entrance to the Atlus Tunnel in the region of Atlus Plateau. You need to drop down from the broken bridge where the NPC, Finger Reader, and waygate portal are - this is near the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge Site of Grace. The cave is directly South of the great tree in the middle of this area.

How do you get to the top part of Nokstella? ›

Ainsel River Main and Nokstella, Eternal City can be reached as part of Ranni the Witch's quest, using a teleporter from the top of Renna's Rise. It's a key underground location in the game, and also where you'll find Miniature Ranni, which you'll need to interact with at a Site of Grace.

How do I progress my Millicent quest? ›

Elden Ring: Millicent Quest Guide
  1. Find and speak with Gowry. ...
  2. Defeat Commander O'Neil. ...
  3. Visit Gowry twice. ...
  4. Speak to Millicent at the Church of the Plague. ...
  5. Go back to Gowry's Shack yet again. ...
  6. Find the Valkyrie's Prosthesis at the Shaded Castle. ...
  7. Speak with Millicent in Altus Plateau.
May 11, 2022

What level should I be for Selia Crystal Tunnel? ›

How to Beat the Sellia Crystal Tunnels Fallingstar Beast. Facing the Fallingstar Beast is no easy feat in Elden Ring, and it's suggested that you're Level 60+ before giving this fight a good go.


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