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Love this mattress!

We've had this mattress for almost a year now and LOVE it! I sleep so very much better than I have in years. I used to wake up every morning stiff and hurting, but no more! I would definitely buy this again!

Do not buy

After 3 months the mattress sunk in one side making it very difficult to roll over. Also caused back pain. When you wake up in the morning you wake up stiff with your whole body cracking.

Disappointed !

In no time the mattress was lumpy and had great deep indentations.

Best mattress I've every owned!

Wake up feeling refreshed and pain free!

Absolutely love my new mattress, so comfy!!!

Love everything about my new mattress :)

I would buy this mattress again.

Comfortable especially after having a water bed for decades! Will but another for my vacation Condo!

Great quality, construction & appearance

Love the construction, quality and look. Fits full size bed perfectly. I'm using only matress. It is 15 inches deep. Could be deeper /taller than I wanted. I usually prefer firm. This is plush/pillow top. Not sure if plush is the right Matress for me. Delivery was perfect! Ordered on line, great price. Have to figure out if I chose right firmess.

Too firm

Was looking for a soft but supportive mattress but after sleeping on it for a couple weeks it never let up and started to notice that the mattress started shifting to one side. So what are you suppose to do flip your mattress every week to keep it even?

Very comfortable and supportive

I bought it on line without having tried it and was not disappointed. It is soft and giving on my hips and shoulders when sleeping on my side, but very supportive for my back when on my back. After a week I still love it and have not woken up once with a stiff neck or any soreness

Good mattress Good price

We've only had our mattress for a couple weeks. It is comfortable and we're satisfied with our purchase. Seems to be a quality mattress. Time will tell.

Highly recommended

Very comfortable....we love it....quality mattress...this is our second one...we have a queen and king very happy with both

I don't believe it's going to hold up

I'm a bit disappointed after sleeping on it over a week now. I would not refer it to anyone


it's adequate but not as comfortable as I had anticipated. We were hoping for more back pain relief. It's a little better but sadly still there, though a little less. Wish we would have looked at more mattresses.

Very nice mattress!!

This is a very nice mattress. It is extremely comfortable but still very firm. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a new mattress.

Would buy this mattress again!

Had an older mattress that was just not comfortable any more. Went in to purchase a new one and layed down on this one after several others. Instant comfort. We have love sleeping on it since. Would highly recommend this mattress. Great mattress with a great price.

A great nights sleep

This is a great mattress and I got it for 1/3 the price at a mattress store. Even better than the mattress was the service I got from the lady at Big Lots. She was amazing and because of her I will definitely go back.

I would buy it again

I like this mattress alot!! It has taken me a few nights to get use to it, once i did i love it!!

What a great deal on a great mattress!

My wife and I purchased this as a floor model, so it was already priced low, and then, purchased it on the friend's and family weekend for an additional 20% off. Where else can you get a king bed for less than $400? The bed is firm, but not too hard for my wife. We are both pleased with our upgrade from queen to king size.

Love my bed

Being I just bought this mattress a few weeks ago it is hard to positivly rate it this quick. I will be more than happy to provide my thoughts on it this far. Sampleing mattress at any store will always vary as they are sat on so many times and make them very broken in. This was our case when purchasing our mattress. Once we got home and got the mattress out into place, which was into a captin waterbed frame. I was very surprised and didn't realize that I literally went from about a 10" mattress to a 15" thick mattress. I feel like the princess and the pea every time I get and out of my bed now. I think I may need to get a step stool later down the road. The first night we slept on it was great! I will however inform everyone that you do have to break in a brand new mattress over time. It never feels as soft as it did in the store due to it being new and not worn yet. We both fell right asleep and slept great. Every night after that we have slept great too. Overall it was a great buy, other than it just feels a bit on the firm side for the time being. I am guessing over time that will change as it gets broken in. Thank god my sheets fit it being it was 5" thicker then my last mattress. I truly can't tell if we will have any issues with it, for it's just to early in the game for that. Ask me a year or two from now.

time for a new bed

The only reason I didn't give a 5 star review is because I wasn't told until the buying process that I had to buy the box springs to keep from voiding the warranty on the mattress; other than that financial setback we're thrilled to have a brand new bed!!! My hubby & I have always got hand me downs (thankful but the new bed was sorely needed) so we're extremely proud of our brand spanking new bed; a good night's sleep helps prepare you for the next day!!

This is a VERY nice mattress for a very nice price

This mattress is super comfortable, very supportive and quite well made. It is VERY tall when coupled with a box spring. If this is for a smaller person, you may want to consider not using a box spring or purchasing a half-height box spring. All in all though, it was a wonderful purchase for the money.

MAYBE, Should have be better for the money payed

Looks great, but does not sleep well, to hard.


Took getting used to, but fabulous!

I definitely recommend this bed!!!

This bed is absolutely comfortable! I would recommend this bed for anyone who has trouble sleeping due to body aches. It literally feels like you are sleeping on a cloud. You get on the bed, lay down and you just sink right in. With other mattresses when I try sleeping on my back my back is on fire or if I try laying on my sides my hips start hurting super badly. With this bed... Your whole body feels new; not even joking! The price is unbeatable!!!!!

Worst purchase Ever!

I wish there was a "0" stars option! We purchased this set from Big Lots in Winter Garden, FL just a few days ago (mid January, 2018), due to a sale they were having. To start, they sent 2 twin box springs, instead of a king size one, that we were going to have to return. Then I noticed a stong, offensive odor in the room where the mattress set was. I discovered it was coming from the NEW mattress. To me it smelled like rotten meat! It was not at all a "new" smell that sometimes comes from the chemicals in the materials used. We had just purchased a new mattress set from another furniture store that had that for a few days. This was absolutely TOXIC and sickening. Since it was a pickup at the store, we had to package all three (king mattress & 2 twin box springs) back up & return. I hate that it's a Serta, as we have bought more than a few Serta mattress sets over the years and have had no problems. But this set was GARBAGE! I May consider purchasing Serta products again one day (if I can forget that horrible ODOR), but I will NEVER purchase them at this store, or any Big Lots.


My wife and I are very satisfied with are recent purchase. Our new mattress sleeps really well. It's comfortable but still firm. Extremely happy with everything so far.

Good product, great price, very helpful employees

Great customer service from employees. They were very helpful, answering questions about product, checking to see if item was in stock, and helpful and courteous when picking up items. Pleasantly surprised with great customer service!


I havnt got a chance to use at this point but seems to be a quality item. Very good price deal as well.

just what I needed and good price

My bed was lopsided because of a sagging box springs. This is just what the doctor ordered. I now have the whole bed to sleep on, instead of having to shift to one side. Very good price, and pretty good service.

I would buy this product again.

Great mattress and box springs. Great price, great service at the store. A wonderful experience purchasing the two mattress sets.

Good product will pruchase another

The bed we purchased is very comfortable we love it

Nice, solid...but squeaky

We bought two to support a king mattress. It is very nice, but annoyingly squeaky.

Something Is Not Right

These foundations are about 2 inches smaller than the previous ones I had. Same brand so I'm not sure if they are selling the correct foundations.

Bad mattress

Serta mattress sag after a year. Was never inform refurbished mattress are sold here. No wonder you can not insure. Will tell everyone


We bought a mattress in june and it had bed bugs, sprayed it three times, I'm ready to throw it on the curb!

Terrible And

Terrible Serta less than 2 years old sagged and Springs popped out of side and bottom . Big lots doesn't want to do anything about it more than a year old. Really it's only good for one year? Have a call into Serta still waiting to hear back from them ....still waiting .


Less than a year old and the mattress sags terribly. Would not recommend

Permanent sag developed within first three months

Sealy PL Gatewod Ultra Plush Euro Pillo mattress (king size). We're not big people and this mattress developed deep permanent sags under our upper torso where we each sleep. So much so that you can't just roll over without body shuffling effort. We noticed the sagging within the first 3 months of use. The sags cause shoulder pain. The upholstery of the mattress is still almost new condition after almost 2 years use. We don't want to spend this kind of money or more on a replacement mattress and experience the same failure so we are turning the mattress 90 degrees every couple of months trying to get it to sag everywhere so the mattress becomes more comfortable. Mattresses are not the quality they used to be. Disappointed in this mattress.

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